Aerix+ SS High Speed hand dryer


Guide Specification Surface-mounted hand dryer shall have an aluminum cover with a white epoxy finish (2923-28W), stainless steel cover with satin finish (2829-2874) or an aluminum cover with black epoxy finish (2923-28B). Hand dryer shall include a universal brush type motor (31,000 RPM). Dryer shall operate at 69 dB while delivering 42–64 CFM air flow velocity at 150–225 MPH (13,200–19,800 LFM). Dryer shall provide an exit ambient air temperature of 130°F at an ambient air temperature of 70°F. Dryer shall have global universal voltage, accepting 120–277 VAC input. Dryer shall have a total power of 950W (120V & 208–240V) and 1150W (277V). Dryer is equipped with a HEPA filter.